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Hey… I am moving!!!!!

I have a new website!!!

Come and find me at

Yes… I had to spell it out, since I got a new domain name!!!
I guess I am official now!

I will continue the blog there… under the same name of course, but it gives me more opportunities in lay-out!

So sorry to leave tumblr.
I will not update this blog here any longer….
But I’ll always remember it fondly….
It was a lovely first home for my blog!!!!!

So… I hope that you guys come and visit me there?

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It’s done!

I finished the hat!!! You remember, my first project using my brand new gorgeous indy-yarn?

I really like how it came out, even with its slightly unconventional shape… the fabric is quite dense because of the weave-pattern (which makes it very warm thankfully) and this allows the hat to take on different forms: so it can be worn either as a béret style hat (when pushed down at the back)….

….or - my personal favorite - in a more hipster style (when just crunched a little bit at the top)!
Pardon my slightly crazy eye in this pic… I don’t know what was *that* shocking… :)

I did the ribbing with a slipped stitch detail and with diagonal shaping to keep it less bulky at the neck (since I always look like an idiot with either bulky & scrunched ribbing in my neck area or the wider part of the hat starting too high up)!
I think that the biased shape gives also a nice “turbanesque” touch to the whole hat (and keeps the top of the hat slightly lower & near the nape… a good thing when you wear a tall hat and you don’t really dig the smurf-look).

The weave stitch seems to be a little complicated at first, but one gets into the rhythm soon enough…
…and it perfectly hides the jog when knitting in the round!!!!

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Birthday SALE!

It’s my birthday today and I wanted to celebrate with you by offering all of my patterns and my e-book at a 25% discount!!!
The sale will run for three days, starting on the 13th of October until the 15th of October 2013 (from 00:00 until 24:00 GMT time)!

Click on the banner below to get directly to my ravelry pattern page!
The offer is valid for all patterns and ebooks and the prices shown on that page are full prices. You will pay 25% less than that.

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I started to make a hat out of my brand new yarn!!

I am very excited about this new project… I swatched a lot yesterday to find a pattern that will show off the subtle changes of colour in the hand dyed yarn and I think that I might have found it….

Anyway, just needed to share!

I started to make a hat out of my brand new yarn!!

I am very excited about this new project… I swatched a lot yesterday to find a pattern that will show off the subtle changes of colour in the hand dyed yarn and I think that I might have found it….

Anyway, just needed to share!

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I have always admired the luxurious looking yarns from independent indy dyers on ravelry… they seem to be the holy grail for knitters: lovely shades of ecological colours dyed by hand on natural premium quality fibres!

Well, it’s one thing to admire and long for some nice squishy yarn in sumptuous saturated colours and another to feel it, touch it, have it, work with it and finally wear it!
The first three of these wishes were granted to me today:

Yes… I ordered the first (of many I am absolutely sure) batch of genuine indy yarn, by Polo&Co in France, made exclusively out of french wool that is washed, carded and spun on the spot.
The wool is from sheep breeds of central France and even the sheep there all have very elegant names: Black Velay, the Blanche du Massif Central, the Bizet!

This is the Masgot (in worsted weight) and the Masgot Fine (in fingering weight). It is 100% natural wool without any dye: rustic and beautiful original sheep colour!!!

But I had to order some coloured yarn too of course (since I rarely succeed in making one coloured projects) and the point was to get hand-dyed colours anyway….

This colour is hard to describe… it is purple and pink with some almost blue strands. Rustique fine is also 100% wool in fingering weight.

I plan to use this gorgeous mustard colour in a jumper (paired with the natural grey sheep colour) for my next big project: Alpaga is sportweight 80% Alpaca and 20% wool and incredibly soft….

All colours are made out of natural dye that is environment-friendly and biodegradable! They are produced by a small family business and sold via Etsy (you can find the shop here). I don’t know about you, but I always prefer small businesses over big companies… it somehow feels better to give my money to a “real” person like you and me (and the quality is usually much better, since they love what they do and there is no mass production involved).
And another great thing (that shall not be overlooked) is the price: One can find yarns from 5,50 Euros up to 18 Euros in this little Etsy-shop!

All in all I am very excited about this new purchase of mine (and my initiation into indy-yarn) and I will keep you posted about the projects that will emerge out of it…. very soon hopefully!!!!

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The little bunny that stole my heart….

Have you guys seen this wonderful toy pattern by Julie from “Little Cotton Rabbits”?

She wrote the most wonderful pattern to knit your very own bunny-friend with lots of detailed instructions and great pictures to illustrate every step.
It’s really lots of fun to decide on colours and texture and to see your little rabbit come to life with every stitch you make!

I did very few modifications (notably the little ankle socks with the crocheted frilly mohair lace) but followed the pattern mostly for everything else…

Because my little bunny girl seemed a little bit lonely and sad I decided to make her a little toy of her own. Julie has a lovely pattern for the teeny tiny bunny on her blog (and she even has a post for the itty bitty dress it wears).

My little bunny was very happy with it’s little doll but there were technical problems involved, since the bunny hands have less than perfect motor skills and it could not really carry it’s new friend around…
so we found two solutions to this problem: one was to add press studs to both the bunny and the tiny toy hand (with a little bit imagination it even looks like a pacifier) and the other was to knit up a bag to help the bunny carry around it’s little friend… when it’s otherwise occupied!

The bag was quickly done:
I casted on 10 sts of fingering weight yarn with the provisional method on 2mm/US 0 DPNs and worked in 1 row stripes for 8 rows (in red & white), then I did 2 rows of garter sts and bound off in red.
With the green coloured yarn I picked up 6 sts on the side (needle1), undid the prov. co and knitted it (needle2) and then picked up another 6 sts on the other side (needle3).
Then I just worked in stocking stitch back and forth for 4 rows and increased on both “corners” at the bottom on every RS:
Needle1: K to end, M1R.
Needle2: K1, M1L, knit to last st, M1R, k1.
Needle3: M1L, knit to end of row.
After another 3 rows of stocking stitch I did the back side of the bag with a method that is often used in the heels of socks:
On the next RS I knitted the sts of needle1 and 2 - then, I slipped the first stitch from needle3 over the last knitted stitch of needle2, turned the work, slipped the first stitch again and purled back to the end of needle2. There I slipped the next st of needle1 over the last purled st of needle2. Again I turned and slipped the first st before knitting back.
I repeated this process until all of the stitches from both needle 1 and 3 were worked up this way and bound off.
Then I just crocheted around with a simple ds and the red yarn: I started on the left side of my little garter top and stopped right next to it on the other side.
The long strap is also crocheted with a simple chain stitch. Mine is 20cm/8” long, but you should adjust it to your bunny’s size…. I find that it looks cute when it just reaches the hem of the dress.

OK.. now that is a very quick and simple description of the bunny-bag and I hope that you’ll still find it useful if you want to make one for your own little bunny girl!!!!

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The kfb increase without the purl bumps! Yes… there is a way…

It’s a nice increase the kfb (knit through front and back loop): quick and easy to do, but usually it leaves it’s mark on the knitting: there is always a little purl bump visible at the increase point and sometimes we just don’t want bumps showing (even tiny ones) …..

Now there is a method to do the same increase without having some unsightly purl bumps spread around our project. This method is not something I came up with myself: I read about it somewhere (sorry, but I really can’t remember where this was) and when I wrote my pattern for the Green Memories Set I needed a visual to illustrate it - but I just could not find anything usable on the internet. By the way… if you are doing the wavy pattern for the arm-warmers of the set, make sure to scroll down to the end of the post and read the last few paragraphs…

Anyway! I thought that it was time to make a little tutorial with pictures, since this little neat increase deserves it!!!
(If the following pictures are too small for your eyes, you can see this little tutorial in better resolution or download it here as a PDF file….)

I used the same increase method in my toe-up Hermione socks (here is the post with the detailed description of how to make them).

For my arm-warmers I used a slight variation of this method as explained below:

In some cases you want your increases to be more flexible and to allow the fabric to drape a little more (something I wanted to do in my “Green Memory” arm-warmers that have a wavy, chevron-like pattern).

In this case you can do the kfb variation as described above but without tightening the increased stitch on the next round! You just make the increases as described in steps 1-8 and ignore the rest of the steps that happen on the next round…. just continue knitting through the front of the loop as usual and you’ll have a looser kfb variation!

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How ‘bout another round of cocktails?

The little brother of the Cocktail(Dress), the Cocktail(Jumper) has been released yesterday!

It shares the same construction with it’s bigger sister, but has some features of it’s own to be proud of: a simple diagonal lace pattern on the shoulders that flow into the 3/4 sleeves as a decorative panel…

…and a fancy hem that has it’s own lace pattern and a contrast lining (which peeks discreetly through the lace).

Both Cocktail patterns can be found in an eBook I published on ravelry, that is aptly named Shaken, Not Stirred (in reference to the most famous cocktail-drinker out there) and that provides 4 possible modifications that are explained in detail to mix & match ones own version of the two patterns!

The Cocktail(Jumper) pattern alone is available for €5.30 EUR or add to cart
Or you can go over to ravelry to buy the Cocktail(Jumper) pattern and look at the gorgeous projects of others: here.

The Shaken, Not Stirred eBook is available for €9.30 EUR or add to cart

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Sneak Peek……

I am about to finish another project that I am working on for quite some time now …..knitting resembles so often the passionate on-and-off relationships of love&hate, doesn’t it?

So here is a little sneak peek of the project that is going to either be my absolute favorite or the worst thing I have knitted - ever!!!
It seems that when you struggle long enough to make something work it can’t be anything in the middle: either it’s going to be a total success or an absolute let-down… funny thing, that!

I redid the pockets at least thrice, the sleeves twice (OK… one of the sleeves, not both of them) and the hem design did not work on the first take either…..
….but now this thing that shall be a cardigan soon starts to look like a project that I might like….. or maybe even love?
Who knows… this relationship might work, after all!!!

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Care for a Cocktail?

At last… the Cocktail(Dress) pattern has been published!

This journey was quite a long one, that started with the first model (that you can see here) 2 months ago!

But I wanted to make a perfect pattern for a perfect dress… and then I got carried away and did variations of the dress-pattern (like a jumper version, that I love)
…..and then I got carried away and did a huge mix & match eBook of any possible combination of the two different versions (with detailed modifications that allow to combine elements of the dress and the jumper)!!!!!!

….But this last bit of information must stay between you and me, since it is still in testing phase and will be published in about 2 weeks ;)

Anyway… that’s how 2 months can pass by, without me even noticing!!!
But at last the dress is up for grabs, starting yesterday!!!

And if you decide to buy the dress pattern before the eBook comes out, you will get a huge discount on the eBook!
You will essentially be reimbursed the price of the whole Cocktail(Dress) pattern when you get the eBook in the first week of it’s publication (in the beginning of September)….. I will keep you posted about the exact date of course!

You can check out the project pages of both dresses on ravelry here and here.

The Cocktail(Dress) pattern is available for €5.30 EUR or add to cart
Or you can go over to ravelry to buy the Cocktail(Dress) pattern and look at the gorgeous projects of others: here.

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