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It is here!!!! My first pattern!!!! And it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited and exhausted!

What a drag to search how everything works on Ravelry… I never thought much about Designer names, paths, shops, pics, and all this technical stuff which makes ravelry so perfect to search for patterns and inspirations - I absolutely agree! - but which becomes very stressfull if you have already put half of the pattern online and you still don’t know where to put crucial information in and you search forms, forums and help files all at once!!!*

…but let’s just jump to the most important part of this post!!!

It’s there… it’s live… it wait’s for you to download it:




The pattern can also be directly downloaded by following this link if you prefer.

Edit Nov. 2013: the pattern is currently being tech-edited and will be completely updated and reworked. It is not available for download anymore…

It is a simple top down raglan shrug and I made it to use up my stash of Rowan Big Wool. I actually searched a long time for a pattern to make something like this but I could only find some big shrugs with huuuge sleeves - and I really hate huge sleeves… (they make everybody look frumpy!!) especially in a bulky wool like this one.

I decided to try my own pattern and I did this in between a ton of different other projects that needed finishing! (that’s how the name came about… not too inspiring I fear).

Since I had two different lots of the dark blue and I could not bother to alternate skeins (I am lazy at heart) I tried to hide this problem with putting some stripes at the sleeves… If you look closely you can see that after the stripes both of the sleeves magically turn from a warm cobalt hue to a prussian blue hue… ! 
(a feature and design element… no?) 
One could also put another, complimenting colour at the same position I guess.

this is my first “professional” pattern!!! 

So… please do write me what you think, if you would like something to be different, if you have found a horrible error about the calculations of the different sizes or an embarrassing typo or if you just want to ask or say anything about this pattern!

I’ll be delighted to hear from you guys.


*(yes, yes I know… I could have just read up on the ravelry database BEFORE putting everything out there… at least I will remember some of the tech tweaks by the time I’ll put the next pattern up… I hope!)

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