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So I wanted to knit the atelier cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier for ages - and today I finally got around to download it, since I will leave tomorrow for a 10 day trip and I am in dire need for a travel-knitting-project!

This cardigan is absolutely gorgeous - and it has two different versions to knit it up: one with i-cords on all  edges and one without! Since I am already a big fan of i-cord edging and the really professional, polished look it gives to garments, I had to make the first version… but I have never tried to make an i-cord cast on

So I googled and I looked for some information on you tube (of course) and that’s how I stumbled on this great video, that not only gives instructions for the cast on itself but also for an i-cord selvedge method…. all in one! Yeah!!!

Oh… I love you-tube and I love the people that take all this trouble to upload their knitting-wisdom to this site even more! 

Thank you oftroy for your wonderful video that allows me to start my cardigan immediately!!!!


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