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Summer Jumper Recipe

Here is my last knitting love… the “Green or Purple or Both" Jumper I just finished and put up on my ravelry page:


I made it up while knitting, as I usually do (this is one of the things I love about knitting a garment that is knit top-down: You try it on and think… “hey, why not put some narrower stripes around the high waist to accentuate it”? and then when making the sleeves it occurs to you that the same stripes on the same height but in reverse colours would be an even better idea!!!)


Anyway, I used the “classic top-down set-in sleeve sweater formula” that I found in Wendy Bernard’s book custom knits. I really like her method, since it allows you to try it on while you work and you usually end up with perfect set-in sleeves and a very well fitting jumper (or cardigan)!

I thought about writing a pattern for this jumper, but alas! I neither have the patience nor the time to make calculations for different sizes and stuff…


I used DK weight cotton (about 400 yards of white and 420 yards of a variegated colour) and a 4mm circular needle for the main parts and a 3mm circular needle for the ribbing of the sleeves.

My gauge was 24sts x 28 rows for 10x10cm with the 4mm needle.


With this specific method you start knitting the back with a provisional cast on till you reach the armholes. Then you make the fronts by picking up the stitches from your provisional cast on. You have to make each front separately till you reach the point where the neckline closes, which is after the armholes in this specific pattern. So you knit first the back to the armholes, then one front to the armholes, then the other front again to the armholes and then you put all together on your circular needle and knit back and forth till you finish the neckline. Only then everything is knitted in the round and you continue till the bottom of your jumper.image

Edit Nov. 2013: I have taken down the longwinded description/notes of this jumper, since it was very amateurishly written and quite hard to follow.

I don’t think that I will write an update for this specific garment.

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