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A nice cozy Cocoon

Since winter does give a good battle against spring this year I thought that I might knit up just one last little hat, before the “naked-head” period of 2013 starts:


I just went ahead and copied blatantly the fit and style of my all-time favorite slouchy hat…. bought about 6 years ago and made out of horrible pink acrylic yarn (I will spare you it’s sad sight)!
It decided that this winter would be it’s last of working overtime and I had to respect it’s decision! So we had to find a worthy replacement and my new Cocoon was born!!!


The yarn is the lovely Rowan Cocoon, a merino & mohair blend with a lovely hand and sheen. Ravelry says it is bulky weight but it seems thinner to me… who am I though to argue with Ravelry!

Anyway… since I loved the outcome of this one I thought that I’ll share the pattern for free with you guys! You can make it for the last wintry days of this season or for next winter at the end of 2013…
…or if you are from “down-under” you are extra lucky to have a new companion just in time for fall!!!!!!


You can find the pattern at ravelry here (don’t forget to post your finished project on the pattern page… you’d make me very very happy to see all of your Cocoons!!!)

And by clicking here you can download the pattern PDF directly without going anywhere.
Have fun!!!

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