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Spring Lines - patterns - and rambling about pockets…

My new pattern has just come out!!!!


It is a pure colour explosion (at least for what I am used till now) and all of the most saturated, bright reds and pinks and oranges of my whole stash are combined in this jumper!!!!

Of course it is striped (I would not have been able to do anything else) but the stripe order is done with a twist… to add some interest and make the whole change of colours more visible.

And the feature I like the most are the pockets of course! I mean POCKETS!!!! How often is it the case that someone needs a pocket and there is nothing there. I hate this… I’ve even knitted some oversized pockets to my old huge, battered, strictly stay-at-home cardigans from Zara! It was one of the first things I did when I learnt how to pick up stitches some years ago. They actually look extremely ridiculous but they are incredibly practical!

Anyway… I digress!
The thing I wanted to say is that pockets are one hell of a feature and very much worth the effort. I made them out of very fine, fingering yarn - so that they stay flat and hidden without adding bulk to the jumper (No one would like a garment with some padding around the belly area… shudder!).


The top part is fitted with raglan sleeves and a wide boatneck (my favorite neckline at the moment… so feminine and cute).
The whole construction of the lower part stands in contrast to the upper part by being quite large, with a pronounced A-shape and a little bit of thought put into the construction, to show off the pockets without really showing them (if you can follow me).
The back on the other hand is made slightly more fitted: it always bothers me when flowy A-line jumpers, that look great from the front, hit somehow awkwardly on my bottom when seen from the back or from the side. I think that waist shaping and the length of the garment among other things are crucial for making this work - even if you can’t really notice these constructional features at first. But that’s what always makes for a good design I guess… elements that refine the shape without being the main feature…


But I talk too much again….

Anyway, I am just very exited about this new release!
You can buy this pattern immediately without leaving this site
for 4,80 Euros. Just click image to buy the pattern PDF file via pay-pal.

….or you can go over to ravelry if you like. You can see more of it on it’s ravelry page here (and be sure to check out all the other really great versions of this jumper… these are such an inspiration!!! I definitely want to make a couple more in finer yarn for spring and in the lovely colours of some of the ravelry-projects seen on the jumper’s project page…
….just lovely lovely lovely!!!!)

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