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It’s done!

I finished the hat!!! You remember, my first project using my brand new gorgeous indy-yarn?

I really like how it came out, even with its slightly unconventional shape… the fabric is quite dense because of the weave-pattern (which makes it very warm thankfully) and this allows the hat to take on different forms: so it can be worn either as a béret style hat (when pushed down at the back)….

….or - my personal favorite - in a more hipster style (when just crunched a little bit at the top)!
Pardon my slightly crazy eye in this pic… I don’t know what was *that* shocking… :)

I did the ribbing with a slipped stitch detail and with diagonal shaping to keep it less bulky at the neck (since I always look like an idiot with either bulky & scrunched ribbing in my neck area or the wider part of the hat starting too high up)!
I think that the biased shape gives also a nice “turbanesque” touch to the whole hat (and keeps the top of the hat slightly lower & near the nape… a good thing when you wear a tall hat and you don’t really dig the smurf-look).

The weave stitch seems to be a little complicated at first, but one gets into the rhythm soon enough…
…and it perfectly hides the jog when knitting in the round!!!!

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The kfb increase without the purl bumps! Yes… there is a way…

It’s a nice increase the kfb (knit through front and back loop): quick and easy to do, but usually it leaves it’s mark on the knitting: there is always a little purl bump visible at the increase point and sometimes we just don’t want bumps showing (even tiny ones) …..

Now there is a method to do the same increase without having some unsightly purl bumps spread around our project. This method is not something I came up with myself: I read about it somewhere (sorry, but I really can’t remember where this was) and when I wrote my pattern for the Green Memories Set I needed a visual to illustrate it - but I just could not find anything usable on the internet. By the way… if you are doing the wavy pattern for the arm-warmers of the set, make sure to scroll down to the end of the post and read the last few paragraphs…

Anyway! I thought that it was time to make a little tutorial with pictures, since this little neat increase deserves it!!!
(If the following pictures are too small for your eyes, you can see this little tutorial in better resolution or download it here as a PDF file….)

I used the same increase method in my toe-up Hermione socks (here is the post with the detailed description of how to make them).

For my arm-warmers I used a slight variation of this method as explained below:

In some cases you want your increases to be more flexible and to allow the fabric to drape a little more (something I wanted to do in my “Green Memory” arm-warmers that have a wavy, chevron-like pattern).

In this case you can do the kfb variation as described above but without tightening the increased stitch on the next round! You just make the increases as described in steps 1-8 and ignore the rest of the steps that happen on the next round…. just continue knitting through the front of the loop as usual and you’ll have a looser kfb variation!

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How ‘bout another round of cocktails?

The little brother of the Cocktail(Dress), the Cocktail(Jumper) has been released yesterday!

It shares the same construction with it’s bigger sister, but has some features of it’s own to be proud of: a simple diagonal lace pattern on the shoulders that flow into the 3/4 sleeves as a decorative panel…

…and a fancy hem that has it’s own lace pattern and a contrast lining (which peeks discreetly through the lace).

Both Cocktail patterns can be found in an eBook I published on ravelry, that is aptly named Shaken, Not Stirred (in reference to the most famous cocktail-drinker out there) and that provides 4 possible modifications that are explained in detail to mix & match ones own version of the two patterns!

The Cocktail(Jumper) pattern alone is available for €5.30 EUR or add to cart
Or you can go over to ravelry to buy the Cocktail(Jumper) pattern and look at the gorgeous projects of others: here.

The Shaken, Not Stirred eBook is available for €9.30 EUR or add to cart

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Sneak Peek……

I am about to finish another project that I am working on for quite some time now …..knitting resembles so often the passionate on-and-off relationships of love&hate, doesn’t it?

So here is a little sneak peek of the project that is going to either be my absolute favorite or the worst thing I have knitted - ever!!!
It seems that when you struggle long enough to make something work it can’t be anything in the middle: either it’s going to be a total success or an absolute let-down… funny thing, that!

I redid the pockets at least thrice, the sleeves twice (OK… one of the sleeves, not both of them) and the hem design did not work on the first take either…..
….but now this thing that shall be a cardigan soon starts to look like a project that I might like….. or maybe even love?
Who knows… this relationship might work, after all!!!

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Simplistic Nights: A stockinette take on Moroccan Nights (the pattern, not the moonlit hours in a mediterranean country)!

Since I made my Moroccan Nights Jumper I wanted to try the same pattern in simple stockinette stitch, without all the texture and cables… but with the boatneck, the short-row-raglan construction and the slight A-line…. I wanted a jumper that would just focus on the cut and design of the jumper:

I finished this simple version yesterday and I really love the fit and drape of this one….

The yarn is a really old “thing” from the 80’s! As you can see there is much going on here…. thick & thin texture (which is quite annoying to work with - be warned!), lots of pastel splashes on a baby-pink background and a pearly shine make this yarn a proud representative of it’s decade!!!
My mom got it back then from a friend who closed down her yarn shop… and 10 balls of it have been waiting forgotten in the closet for the internet to arrive… so that after 30 years of being ignored - this yarn can go global!!!!

I counted to dye the finished jumper in black (so much pink and pearl just frightened me)… but I have to say that now I find it kind of cute!
I might let it live in all it’s 80’s glory of yore!
(The one thing that really won me over is how nice and cool the cotton/viscose blend feels against the skin… a perfect summer garment).

In this jumper I added purled panels on the sides that blend gradually into the ribbing of the hem. I also changed the decreases of the sleeves and made them a little bit tighter and longer…

I wrote all modifications of the pattern in detail on my ravelry project page if you are interested in making one for yourself. You can find it here.

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Vanilla & Lime: the summer cocktail of my choice!

Well… I don’t know if I really would like a cocktail that tastes like vanilla and lime… as strange as this combination would be in a drink, I really like the colours of lime green with vanilla cream together!

I have knitted up this dress in the last weeks. For a long time I wanted to make something light and airy for summer, and I wanted to have a “tailored” look this time. Although I still went for positive ease (about 2 inches) since I generally avoid clothes that are too clingy.

I experimented with the shoulder saddle quite a lot: I added short rows at the front and the back of the “neck-side” of the saddle, and then I picked up stitches from the saddle to make the back and the front parts.

I kept the white stripes at the top only to enhance the shoulders… but the rest of the dress I kept in one colour only - to keep all the drama at the top!

The sleeves were quite a challenge… I had to redo them a couple of times since this stupid texture stitch I chose for the saddle (that continues to the cap sleeve) was really annoying to make with the short rows!
But thankfully they came out all right in the end.
I finished everything up with i-cord edgings, and the hem was done in seed stitch.

It came out slightly too short, since I thought that the 100% cotton yarn would grow much more… well, swatching is not always a guarantee…
(but I might block it out much more aggressively next time I wash this dress… just to gain a little bit more length) - we will see.

Overall I am quite happy with this first try out… I will make another one for sure, since it is incredibly comfy and perfect for summer!!!

you can check out the project on ravelry here or for another version in blue here.

You can find the pattern (and all the lovely projects that have already been made) on Ravelry here
or you can buy the pattern PDF file directly and without leaving this page for 5.30 Euros via paypal, by pressing this button

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Moroccan Nights & Experiences…. (I wish!)

Finally…. I could post this pattern on Ravelry today!!!


I worked on it for quite a long time and frankly: there is a time when we all need to let go, even of our most beloved children…. ;)
So… here it is, out in the big big world… for everybody to enjoy!


For the first time I actually made a whole jumper out of one colour only!!! It was quite a commitment I had to remind myself that I needed to keep it… I just love playing with colour while knitting - but I am mostly a “one coloured” girl when I choose something to wear.
I tried to make things interesting with texture though: cables on the upper arms and on the sides, reverse stockinette in geometrical form and lots of double moss (almost too much for my easily-bored-self):
Therefore Be Warned Beforehand…
….this much of double moss needs a lot of commitment to get through, but if I made it you can do it, too - and boy is it rewarding… This simple knit+purl stitch is very very easy but with such a great impact!


I learned quite a lot with this pattern: the construction and the implementation of stitch patterns in different sizes would be the obvious thing of the design itself.
But also the collaboration with lovely testers who help you out in the most friendly way and are there for you… out of pure kindness, as also a quite bad experience with a tech-editor, were things I found out (the good and the hard way) by trying to make a pattern out of this project…
There is so much more to designing than “just” writing up how you did something!


You can find the pattern (and all the lovely projects that have already been made) on Ravelry here
or you can buy the pattern PDF file directly and without leaving this page for 4.80 Euros via paypal, by pressing this button image

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My favorite sock pattern - reloaded


I have done this pattern twice already: it’s the Hermione’s Everyday sock pattern by Erica Lueder!
And both pairs of socks I have done are my absolute favorite… don’t ask me why. I don’t know for sure… but I guess it is the very simple knit&purl pattern that has such a beautiful impact, never bores you and that hugs the feet perfectly.


I have taken the liberty to make made some modifications on this second pair (the first pair is this one), since I prefer the toe-up method for socks…
I thought that you might be interested in how exactly they were done and this is why I want to share this with you: step by step!

I used 2mm DPN’s and Sock-yarn from Lana Grossa (the toe, heel & cuff in a uni colour and rest of the sock in variegated yarn)

CO 15x2 sts with Judy’s Magic Cast On in contrast colour and
inc immediately on the first row (it will be very fiddly to do this):
You should also distribute your sts on 4 DPNs directly on the set-up row:
Needle1: k1, kfb, knit 6 sts more.
Needle2: knit to last st, kfb.
Needles 3&4: repeat as for needles 1&2.
rnd2: knit one row
(I use a variation of the kfb stitch that avoids the purl bumps: after knitting the stitch leave the st you just knitted on the left needle, reinsert your needle tip into the same st purlwise and just slip this “half stitch” on the right needle (instead of knitting the same stitch through the back). On the next row knit this new stitch through the back to tighten it up).
(Update: I wrote a tutorial about this and you can see it here.)

For all next rows follow the following pattern:
rnd1: (k1, kfb, knit to last sts on next needle, kfb) repeat
rnd2: knit one row
repeat these two rounds till you get to 62sts for toe
Then make one more increase round, but only increase 1 sts on each side to get to 64 sts.

change to main colour, knit one round
and start the hermione stitch pattern:
on the instep only (you will knit in Stocking sts on the insole till heel)
rnd 1: k3, p1 
rnd 2: knit
rnd 3: k1, p1, k2 
rnd 4: knit
(Repeat all 4 rows)

Work until sock is 3.5 inches less than the length of your foot from toe to heel (in my case - for a 38 European shoe size - it was
14 pattern repeats / 5,5 inches).

Gusset Increases:
Continuing the pattern on needle 1 (instep), work gusset increases on needle two (insole) only.
Rnd 1: k1, place marker, m1, k30, m1, pm, k1 
Rnd 2: knit
Rnd 3: k1, m1, slip marker, k32, slm, m1, k1 
Rnd 4: knit
Rnd 5: k1, m1, knit to marker, slm, k32, slm, knit to last stitch, m1, k1 
Rnd 6, knit
Work rounds 5 and 6 a total of 10 times, ending in a knit row.
You should now have 12 gusset stitches on either side of your markers, and the 32 insole stitches between the markers.

Knit in pattern across the instep (needle one). You will now be working back & forth on the insole needle only with the contrast colour: I am using the german short row method in this section, but you can use any short-row method you prefer:
with Main colour (MC)
Row 1: k12, slm, k to marker, turn.
Row 2: Slip st purlwise with yarn in front, pull yarn to back to make double st, bring yarn to front under needle and pull. Start using contrast colour (CC) and purl to marker, turn.
Row 3: Slip st purlwise with yarn in front, pull yarn to back to make double st, knit to one st before last double st, turn.
Row 4: Slip+pull as in row 2, purl to 1 st before double st from row before, turn.
Repeat rows 3 & 4, 6times, until you have 16 sts left in between the double sts (or half of the insole sts that were between the markers at the gusset section).
Row 17: Slip+pull, k15, DO NOT TURN.

Knit the 8 abandoned short row stitches that are on your left needle by knitting both loops of the double st as one.
Then pick up the first gusset stitch as such: rm, sl1 to right needle, pm back on left needle, pass next to last stitch on right needle over the slipped stitch, turn.
Row 18: sl1, p23, purl all 8 double sts (again purl both loops of the double st as one), rm, sl1 to right needle, pm back on left needle, pass next to last stitch on right needle over the slipped stitch, turn.
Row 19: sl1, k to marker, rm, sl1 to right needle, pm back on left needle, pass next to last stitch on right needle over the slipped stitch, turn. (Twist MC yarn with CC yarn once, to avoid holes)
Row 20: sl1, to marker, rm, sl1 to right needle, pm back on left needle, pass next to last stitch on right needle over the slipped stitch, turn.
Repeat rows 19 and 20 until all the gusset stitches have been knit in, ending in a purl row, turn.
Knit one row over the heel to get to MC yarn, that has been carried up on the other side.
Cut CC yarn.

With the MC yarn, start the hermione pattern again on needle one. On needle two knit to end of the row only once, over the heel (to avoid purl bumps in the contrast colour). Continue in pattern, working on both needles the pattern for 4,5 inches (or 16 pattern repeats).

Cuff in contrast colour:
1 round knit
k2, p2 ribbing for 20 rounds
(the leg will be 6 inches in total with cuff)

Hope you’ll try your own pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks, too!


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Les Sillons

Who would not like a shawl in spring…. especially if it is one that is modern and light and colourful and fun and soft and one that has STRIPES?


This beautiful shawl is called les Sillons and has been designed by Sylvie (you can find her as poloetcie on ravelry)

She asked me to test knit her little gem some time ago and I was delighted - especially after seeing all those lovely details: the play with two different colours, the slipped stitch design, the short-row shaping that gives freedom not only to the construction of the shawl itself, but also to the coloured sections that become much more organic and less geometrical in their form.


This shawl will be my constant companion this spring. I am especially happy that it is something I would wear a lot, since I am not really the lacy shawl type!
The style of “les Sillons” is very modern and fresh, a piece that I can see myself putting on at all hours and that will have a huge impact since it’s colour combination is so much fun!

I used a little bit less than two balls of yarn, one of Lana Grossa Lace Merino and of Lace Merino Print respectively. The result is an incredibly soft and light shawl: less than 100gr!!! But it is still going to keep me warm, since it is 100% merino wool!
And I totally like the effect of the variegated Merino Print in combination with the solid colour of the Lace Merino!
The colours where bought on a whim (I rarely buy chartreuse for example) but I am extremely pleased with the outcome! This is proof that I need to me more adventurous in my colour choices…. risks usually pay off apparently!


you can see my project notes (I did some very minor modifications) on ravelry here
and the pattern you can get here at ravelry.

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Spring Lines - patterns - and rambling about pockets…

My new pattern has just come out!!!!


It is a pure colour explosion (at least for what I am used till now) and all of the most saturated, bright reds and pinks and oranges of my whole stash are combined in this jumper!!!!

Of course it is striped (I would not have been able to do anything else) but the stripe order is done with a twist… to add some interest and make the whole change of colours more visible.

And the feature I like the most are the pockets of course! I mean POCKETS!!!! How often is it the case that someone needs a pocket and there is nothing there. I hate this… I’ve even knitted some oversized pockets to my old huge, battered, strictly stay-at-home cardigans from Zara! It was one of the first things I did when I learnt how to pick up stitches some years ago. They actually look extremely ridiculous but they are incredibly practical!

Anyway… I digress!
The thing I wanted to say is that pockets are one hell of a feature and very much worth the effort. I made them out of very fine, fingering yarn - so that they stay flat and hidden without adding bulk to the jumper (No one would like a garment with some padding around the belly area… shudder!).


The top part is fitted with raglan sleeves and a wide boatneck (my favorite neckline at the moment… so feminine and cute).
The whole construction of the lower part stands in contrast to the upper part by being quite large, with a pronounced A-shape and a little bit of thought put into the construction, to show off the pockets without really showing them (if you can follow me).
The back on the other hand is made slightly more fitted: it always bothers me when flowy A-line jumpers, that look great from the front, hit somehow awkwardly on my bottom when seen from the back or from the side. I think that waist shaping and the length of the garment among other things are crucial for making this work - even if you can’t really notice these constructional features at first. But that’s what always makes for a good design I guess… elements that refine the shape without being the main feature…


But I talk too much again….

Anyway, I am just very exited about this new release!
You can buy this pattern immediately without leaving this site
for 4,80 Euros. Just click image to buy the pattern PDF file via pay-pal.

….or you can go over to ravelry if you like. You can see more of it on it’s ravelry page here (and be sure to check out all the other really great versions of this jumper… these are such an inspiration!!! I definitely want to make a couple more in finer yarn for spring and in the lovely colours of some of the ravelry-projects seen on the jumper’s project page…
….just lovely lovely lovely!!!!)

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