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Vintage: Fancy Picot Selvedge

Another part of the Vintage series… thanks to my lovely old books from Edinburgh!!!

This time I’ll talk about a small little paragraph that caught my eye: it was in the selvedge chapter which talks about how to make borders of your knitting while in the process of knitting - there are quite a lot of ways to knit an selvedge. It depends on what one is aiming for: if it should be sturdy to be sewn afterwards or very neat looking when it is on the neckline or any place that will be visible in the end…

or - as in this case - a fancy picot border!

This way of making an edge that prevents curling is actually quite easy and it saves you time and energy since you won’t need to make a whole new border by picking up stitches and knitting them afterwards in some fancy lacy picot style (if you aim for this kind of dainty, feminine look). With this method you can do it all at once!

It may even look great in combination with the vintage picot cast on I talked earlier in another post… on a cardigan maybe or some other light and airy garment… or on tiny little baby stuff.

Anyway! I tried to illustrate this method by knitting a swatch as instructed in the book and I took pictures with more detailed instructions and made some kind of tutorial out of it.

I threw all of this in an easy to read PDF file and you can download it here if you like!

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Vintage: What the heck is tatting?

When I think of tatting I am thinking of blindingly white, crisp tablecloths - very old and very fine - that most of the time where lying on some perfectly waxed mahogany table in my grandmothers house… this image revokes even the smell of these kind of granny rooms - a cozy smell of lavender mixing with the smell of fresh linen…

Well… I cannot help with the smell or with the mahogany table - but look what I stumbled across in one of my lovely vintage books:

This really old method does neither use knitting needles nor a crochet hook or anything else of the crafting tools I have seen till now. It uses a tatting shuttle to do the pretty edgings and motifs and there are only three stitches for the scallops, circles and picots.

A tatting shuttle is a little object of art in itself as it seems… I found these lovelies on the web and I have to say that they look much cuter than most other crafting tools I have seen:


I took these images from these two sites here and here.

And if you are really interested to try this craft out for yourself, there are a lot of supplies and information on tatting on this website I just discovered.

I have to admit that I have not tried this out for myself… but I have to say that I am very much intrigued to give it a go! But I do have my vintage book with it’s tatting chapter and cute illustrations that I would like to share with you. You can download the PDF file I compiled out of the pages that describe this method here: Vintage Tatting pdf 

…And I even found a youtube video on tatting which shows how to handle the shuttle and also how to make a cute little daisy lace… click here to check it out.

And have fun tatting!!!

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Vintage: Knitted Picot Cast On

Here is another post about the Vintage books and the wonderful things that can be found in them… 

I found this interesting Cast On that creates a fine picot edge to anything you would like to knit and that would look good on a number of projects with a feminine touch!

I have prepared a PDF file that you can download here - and this time I even took some pictures to illustrate the whole process, since there was not too much visual info of the finished edge in the book itself (this is one of the things that has very much changed since these books where printed… today nobody would care about a pattern with only written instructions and no pictures to prepare you for what you will end up with!)

I can imagine that this fine edge would look very nice on some cute little mittens or gloves - and it is quite stretchy, too without being floppy.

I did have to block it lightly to keep it laying flat, though - it did curl up like crazy while I knitted my swatch and I was worried that it would not work as an edge, but I shall have more faith in our knitting ancestors since they always knew what they were talking about….!!!

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Vintage Knitting

So I have to share something with you…

A couple of years ago, when I was in Edinburgh, I got to lay my hands on some really lovely vintage knitting books:

I found them at an unofficial book exchange at the Edinburgh College of Art - and since I came in very late that day, these were more or less the only books left!

Now the funny part is that I was not at all knitting at the time (it might easily have been something like 10 years I had not even thought about knitting!) but I was immediately drawn to the cute illustrations, the old style lay-out and the war time inspired viewing point! Not only did one of the books have a complete section about “knitting for the services” but it had brilliant tutorials to mend your clothes, to make new ones out of old and to renovate carpets and upholstery! I found these books to be a moving testimony of harder times and I got them more because of this artistic value that I thought they possessed!

I naturally was quite drawn to everything they talked about and spend the next couple of days browsing them (and showing them off to anybody who was coming in my sight! Followed by a discussion about war-time… if they wanted to hear it or not!). I was inspired and started to crochet and I became obsessed…. and then I discovered ravelry and a whole new world opened up to me (and I kind of forgot about my lovely discovery… the old books).

But I rediscovered these books when I moved a couple of months ago and I now am once again quite taken by the vintage patterns and the techniques they illustrate in such a lovely way - and since I am more of a knitter now I thought that I probably was more apt to experiment with their content.

I also thought that all of this might be something that would interest you, too!

Well.. to come to the point…. I thought just that! To share some of the books patterns, techniques, stitches or their “vintage” way to construct a garment from scratch. To post some kind of mini-series with scanned images from the book and maybe we could try this stuff out together?

So - do tell me if you would like this idea…. 


(the books are all old enough to be in public domain, so there would not be any problem with publishing their content online….)

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